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A 3D view offers the best opportunity to visualize your Packaging even before the actual print production. Also, this option is perfect for the effective presentation of a new product. In addition, it is helpful in recognizing faults early on, and helps avoid unnecessary expenditures for new plates and press-time.

Our Oris FlexPack proofing system allows us to print nearly any color (including white and metallics) onto any substrate, either directly onto the live substrate, or vial transfer film onto unprintable objects. This allows us to create highly accurate dummies, including shrink-sleeves for bottles, cans, kegs etc..

We produce final production design incl. prepress documents for all kinds of labels, flexible wraps, bags, pouches, cardboard containers, bottles or cans. We offer state-of-the-art solutions for the pre-press stage of packages, which we tailor in every aspect to the requirements of each of our clients. Colors are of enormous importance for the creation of effective packaging. Our color management team understands the demands of dependable digital presentation, to ensure the best results for your design and the final product on the store shelf.

The members of our packaging teams have acquired their expertise in packaging production, through many years of working in the printing industry. Our packaging experts have an in-depth understanding of Flexo, Gravure and Offset printing as well as other relevant printing techniques. We have a profound understanding and mastery of the challenge of transforming your Designs into optimal printed results.

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