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1972 company foundation
1991 fusion as Eupro GmbH in Germering (near Munich, Germany)
1991 introduction of Apple Macintosh in the production process
2001 takeover of Eupro GmbH under the management of managing director Roland Seebauer
2004 strategic transfer of the complete prepress production to Asia
2005 outsourcing of the IT area and simultaneous founding of media it services & consulting GmbH in Munich and Nuremberg
2008 expansion of the corporate group to Switzerland with foundation of swiss medientechnik AG
2009 expansion of the corporate group to include an office in Hamburg
2010 expansion of the enterprise group with the production site Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
2013 Opening of a second production site in Phuket
2014 Foundation of the RS:gsd joint venture
Establishment of the additional production sites in Bangkok, Chiangmai and Kon Kaen
2015 Foundation of the joint venture GPS
Addition of photography to the service palette, in cooperation with digimage CH at the production site Nuremberg.
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