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MAN Truck & Bus AG
MAN Truck & Bus, with headquarters in Munich, is the largest company of the MAN concern and one of the leading international commercial vehicle manufacturers.

In cooperation with MAN Truck & Bus, MIS implemented various Media Asset Management systems for marketing and press. In the "MAN ComPool" media database, advertising images and layout documents are provided for MAN offices worldwide. Through the expansion to the MAN translation workflow, with integration of the iBrams® web-to-print system, binding Corporate Design as well as brochures and advertisements developed in Germany are now guaranteed at all MAN locations. All MAN applications are prepared in two languages and maintained by media it services.
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"Since our partner MIS implemented iBrams for us, we have gained completely new transparency in all marketing activities, throughout the company. It doesn't matter where or when they take place. We are now much closer to the implementations of our branch offices in other countries and can work better together with them."

(Dieter Emader, Head Brand Communication, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge)
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